Work Permit & Visa Application in Canada. Apply Now

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Without too much stress, you can be permitted to work in Canada and apply for a visa. Did you receive an employment offer to work with a Canadian employer? If yes, we want to assure you that you can freely apply for a Work visa today. That’s good news, right?

If you get an offer and a job contract is given to you, you can easily apply for a work visa in Canada from the comfort of your home nation. This can be done once you take a job or accept a contract to work there.

What makes Canada a good thrift is nothing but earning one of the best countries that allow foreigners to work in the country irrespective of where such a person comes from. That’s awesome, right? You can also join the benevolent and become one of them by applying for a work visa.

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Let’s go in-depth into work visa application in Canada and its benefits for the applicants. Below are the benefits to learn before proceeding to the application.

Benefits of Canadian Work Permit

The work permit in Canada benefits include:

  • Moving to Canada to work and earn money as a worker
  • Consulting the person who serves as your employer as his/her name will appear on the work permit appeal
  • As a matter of time, you can also enjoy applying for a long-term residency visa
  • As an applicant for a Canadian work visa, there are certain requirements that you must meet before applying.

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    Canada Work Permit Application Requirements

    The authority in charge will surely check these requirements before your application could be considered. In addition, the applicants must clearly create awareness and agree to the authorities that he/she will surely vacate the country once the visa expires.

    • When the applicant arrived in the country, a passport for at least six months validation must be shown to the authority
    • Presentation of two recent photograph
    • Education qualification certificates of the applicants
    • Proof of competency of the applicant and the job training competency proof
    • Proof showing the assets that cover he/she expenses while enjoying a stay in Canada
    • A recent medical test report/certificate from a well-recognized hospital/clinic
    • An application fee is also required

    Categories of Canada Work Permit

    There are two main work permits available in Canada, they are (i) Open work permits and (ii) Employer-specific work permits. These are the two major types of work permits. Let’s elaborate on the difference between the two:

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    Open Work Permit

    In an open work permit, the candidate can choose the workplace that best suits them, the kind of employer he/she wants, nature of the job they can handle better. This offer is only for unbanned applicants by Canadian rules and regulations.

    Employer-Specific Work Permit

    In this category of work permit, the applicant has a choice to work for a specific employer. Occasionally, this might include the following terms: the type of job they are given, the place of the job, as well as the time.

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