No New Pension Law: Okowa didn’t sign law on governors’ new pension benefits — Commissioner

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Aniagwu, who was reacting to allegation from certain quarters, made the clarification at a news conference on Tuesday in Asaba.

He said that the detractors and opposition political candidates also alleged that the Okowa led government sold the state Liaison Office in Lagos.

He cautioned the detractors to stop pouring aspersion on the governor through their porous claims, adding that the incumbent would remain focused in delivering the promises made to the people until the last day in office.

Aniagwu said, “they claimed the liaison office in Lagos has been sold, to who, for how much? You can’t sell the property of the state; no amount, no buyer.

“We only engaged a developer to tap into the opportunities therein to build a 10 storey building as approved by Lagos Government, to make more money for the state and to house the liaison office on completion of the project, which is currently on rent.

“Also, we did not sign any law to give governors new pension benefits. Those who say that we are going and that we have passed a new law to give governors a new benefit package, they know they are making lies.

“We challenge them to tell us the date that the new law was passed, where it was passed and who signed the law?

Aniagwu said elections had been concluded and had been won and lost, while advising the losers to pursue their cases in court and stop chasing shadows by maligning the governor who did not contest elections with them.

Aniagwu thanked the people of Delta for their support to sustain the developmental trajectory of the Gov. Okowa led adminstration and for voting en masse for Chief Sheriff Oborevwori to deepen the development.

“There was an election which was won and lost and we have extended an olive branch to our brothers who contested in that election because we recognised that it was their democratic right to contest.

“On the account of our promises, we shall continue to deliver more projects to the people, and we are confident that we are handing over a viable state to competent governor -elect, Chief Oborevwori.

“As governor-elect, Oborevwori will deepen the development in the state,” he said.

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