Canada Visa’s Overview

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Certainly, I can provide you with some information about Canada student visa.

There are many people who wish to go and study in Canada but do not know what to do and do not have money to speak with consultants on how to process Student visa permit. This post is to share an insight on some of the things you need to prepare for while you concentrate on saving money for your tuition and travel costs.

Canada is considered the wealthiest country in the world. If you’re International student , you’ll need the Study permit to study in Canada. The Canadian Visa Application Centre (CVAC) is authorized to accept application and process Canada student visa in your country . When you follow their guidelines, getting the Canada student visa is easy.

You can apply for visa online or on paper. If you apply on paper you will have to visit a visa application centre in your country to submit your documents. Your biometrics will also be taken at the visa application centre regardless of how you choose to apply for visa. Depending on your situation, after your application is analysed, it is possible you will be called to a visa interview.

Before you apply for visa you must have first gained admission to a school in Canada, gather supporting documents, submit all with the other documents below. You can track your application online, it takes between 8 to 10 weeks to process, then collect your visa when ready.

The following are the documents you need to have in your possession before starting the procedure for your visa application.

Passport…. an original and photocopy of your international Passport. The passport must be valid for at least one year.

Photograph….. You need two photographs that are recently taken. Ensure that the photographs show your full face. It must also be clear and taken with a plain background. It should have a dimension of about 35-40mm

Flight reservation….. you need to present a flight ticket reservation. This should show the airline, date and time of arrival in Canada.

Statement of purpose letter….. This explains your plans for study. It also helps you assure the consular officer that you are passionate about your course of study and deserves a study visa

Proof of acceptance from the school ……The school will send you a letter of acceptance as a proof that you have been offered admission to study there. This letter should be included with your student visa permit application

Proof of financial support: you must prove that you have sufficient funds in your account that will cater for your needs while you stay and study in Canada. Apart from tuition fee payment, the Canadian authorities expect you to set aside CAD $ 11,000 for your upkeep.

Proof of financial capacity can come in form of your statement of account or your sponsors statement of account. In the case where you present your sponsor’s bank statement, you should submit a sponsorship affidavit along with your document

Health status…. You have to provide a medical report. The report will contain your medical history and proof of good health

Proof of social ties….. These include your marriage certificate (if married) and birth certificate of your children (if applicable)

Police Clearance certificate…
certificate from the police station stating that you do not have any criminal record

Your Academic credentials. You need to get all certificates and transcripts from the previous institutions you have attended.

The visa application fee is about $150 (CAD) then biometrics fee is $85 (CAD). You will also need to pay a service fee of $45

I hope this have been helpful to someone…feel free to ask any questions for more insights!

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